Brad Pitt Handed Divorce Papers by Wife, Angelina Jolie

All things, good or bad, great or small, must come to an end. Hollywood seems to be a constant reminder of this universal truth as “perfect power couples” are formed every year, and just as many call it quits. In the most recent news, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – popularly coined as Brangelina – are ending their marriage.

Angelina reportedly surprised Brad with divorce papers only 24 hours before she planned on filing them with the courthouse; she cited only irreconcilable differences as the grounds for the divorce. Feeling blindsided by the legal action, Brad apparently thought that their marriage was fine, and he stated that he was “very saddened” by Angelina’s decision. He is most likely being authentic when he says he was in shock, as he had often been applauded for being a loving husband in the news and social media spheres. It serves to show that sometimes people can put their best efforts into their marriage and still face divorce due to the feelings of their spouse.

In the paperwork, Angelina has requested sole physical custody of their six children, several of whom are adopted, but would be willing to allow Brad to visit them according to a set schedule. Legal custody, or the ability to make important life decisions for the children, would also be shared, if Angelina’s proposal is uncontested. Brad told People Magazine that the priority at this point is the “wellbeing of [their] children.” Whether this indicates he agrees with Jolie’s custody requests or not has yet to be known.

As far as dividing their property, Angelina wishes to retain her separate property, any money she makes, earns, or accrues from here on, and select pieces of jewelry and personal effects; she may want to ensure she retains heirlooms and items of sentimental value. Marital property would be appraised according to California’s property division guidelines and separated accordingly. The state uses community property laws, rather than equitable distribution.

The Brangelina split is very fresh and much of the details are still developing.



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