Number 1 Reason for Divorce

#1 Cause of DivorceWe’ve all heard the statistics. About 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Ever wonder why?

When someone says why he or she got divorced, the answer varies. For some, it’s sexual incompatibility. For some it’s adultery. For many, financial problems caused the breakdown.

Those all seem like legit factors that would kill a marriage. Interestingly, studies show that they aren’t the cause, but are just a result of the real cause: communication breakdown.

According to a 2012 survey of counseling professionals conducted by, a digital leader in love and relationships, communication problems were cited as the most common cause of divorce among couples, followed by sexual infidelity and a failure of spouses to spend enough time together or prioritize their marriage.

Another interesting tidbit: the study’s findings say that 54% of experts agree that only 17% of marriages are happy.


Lack of communication, including how often and the quality of it, is cited as the main cause of breakdown in a relationship. In some cases there may be one poor communicator, and in other cases, both simply cannot communicate well together no matter how hard they try and neither one is to blame. Either way, communication is the major factor in preventing couples from overcoming difficulties. A lack of communication, or an excess of negative communication, can kill the love and romance and then spouses drift apart.

What exactly IS Communication?

  1. Verbally expressing commitment
  2. Showing affection
  3. Compromising
  4. Sharing companionship
  5. Providing emotional support
  6. Showing respect
  7. Creating a positive atmosphere
  8. Working through conflict
  9. Celebrating the relationship

It’s apparent that not all marriages can be saved through communication. Many couples try to work on communication but sometimes, once it breaks down, people grow so far apart in their desires and values that it no longer seems possible to maintain a positive relationship.

So there you have it, it’s all about communication. What makes someone a good communicator? Good question. Let me know once you have the answer.



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