Should You Date During a Divorce?

For some, experiencing a divorce can feel like a liberating process. After leaving the confines of a stifling or difficult marriage, sometimes people want to focus on starting a new life for themselves. Some take up a new hobby, others spend more time with their kids, and still others decide to try to get back on that dating horse.

Dating, however, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While you may not be ready for a long-term commitment, putting yourself back out there could distract you from the hurt and emotional turmoil of your divorce. Likewise, it allows you to meet new people and practice some skills that may have gotten rusty during the course of your marriage. As long as dating isn’t causing you, emotional distress, it may be exactly what you need.

However, if you’re a parent, you might need to consider your children’s feelings with regards to your dating life. Children can often feel scared during a divorce, particularly the younger they are. If you’re in the process of divorcing your spouse, or you have just finalized the divorce, your kids may be relearning how to relate to both you and your spouse post-separation. This can be a delicate time for them. While dating may be a good experience for you, it could confuse or distress them if they meet your dates too close to the divorce.

After a few months, once you’ve noticed your children have acclimated to the new situation, you may be able to explain to them how dating works in your life and how it might relate to them. If you’re casually dating, you can make references to the fact that you’re seeing or visiting friends. For older kids, you can explain you’re going out to dinner with a person you just met. When you’re really sure your date is becoming more serious, you can introduce your kids to your new love interest.

Not all kids will be ready for you to date new people. Even months or years after the divorce, they may still be resistant. The best thing to do for them is to stay patient.

If you have questions about your divorce case or family situation, let our Fort Lauderdale attorneys help. Our experience and knowledge in family law can help you better understand the risks dating might or might not pose in your situation. At Pazos Law Group, we appreciate each case is unique. Our attorneys strive to give you the best legal advice as it pertains to you and your position. If you’re going through a divorce, contact us today for a confidential consultation.



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