Want to Keep Your Family Life Private During Divorce? Collaborate!

Did you know that when you file for divorce in Court, most of the information you file becomes public? During courtroom hearings, you might also be surprised to find strangers sitting in the back of the room, listening in, taking notes – and this is permitted. For celebrities, high profile individuals, couples with high net worth, or people with any private information that they do not want to be part of public record, the lack of privacy of the average divorce is a nightmare.

Luckily, collaborative divorce represents a way to end a marriage without letting all the world know your private details. If you want to keep your dirty laundry, which everyone has to some extent, consider how collaborative divorce can be right for you.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse will hire his and her own family lawyer to represent him or her. Only, not just any legal professional will do. To ensure a successful collaborative divorce, it’s best that both attorneys are trained to practice collaborative divorce.

If you are looking for a collaborative divorce attorney, Collaborative Family Law Professionals of South Florida is a useful resource that can be viewed by clicking here.

After collaborative divorce lawyers are hired, a schedule of out-of-court meetings is established. All four people – the two spouses and the two lawyers – will sit down and discuss what needs to be done to bring the divorce to a close, without a judge’s input or the eyes of the public.

It is also helpful to have a mental health professional as part of the collaborative team to help parents make decisions regarding the best interest of the children. A financial professional may also be involved to provide advice regarding issues such as valuing family businesses.

The private nature of collaborative divorce is clearly a welcome benefit to famous couples who are constantly trying to dodge paparazzi photographs, as well as the wealthy who could be at a business or professional disadvantage if their finances were exposed so openly. Collaborative divorce requires cooperation, and a mindset of transparency to be successful. If collaboration fails due to one or both spouses refusing to budge on one topic or another – e.g., property division or child custody – then both lawyers must leave the case as it moves into the court and into the public eye. This incentivizes the couple AND the attorneys to work hard to settle because Court is not an option for the attorneys.

Consider Collaboration, Protect Privacy

As it can be seen, the benefits of collaborative divorce are many. You will likely spend less money since your divorce will not involve multiple court dates or the legal fees associated with preparing for and attending Court hearings. You may find your marriage ending on less bitter and stressful terms, helping you to keep a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse, which will greatly benefit your children. With collaborative divorce, you can keep your worries private, and your financial records secure.



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