The Best Divorce Advice Ever

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It’s very difficult to accept a change like divorce. Rather than being able to look towards the future, it’s more natural for most to look back and wonder what went wrong and what could have gone better.

Sometimes this focus on the past causes more conflict during a divorce, both internally and between you and your spouse. You may feel like you have “wasted your time” and “wasted your energy” with a soon-to-be ex-spouse may feel so angry and betrayed that fighting over every issue feels inevitable. This can turn an already difficult emotional process into a much more difficult and damaging one. No matter the complications that arise, most people, deep down, would rather feel peace and happiness than anger and conflict, but it’s not easy to remember that during a divorce.

When You Find Yourself in Times of Trouble, Let It Be

Out of all the words of wisdom or legal advice we can give you about divorce, none are greater or more profound than “let it be.”

Your divorce happened for a reason, it was not random occurrence. Acceptance of what you’re facing may be the hardest part but it’s also the first and most important step toward acceptance, moving on and enjoying future happiness that is waiting for you. It will be difficult to accept, and you will need to trek through a life-changing, heavy journey to reach the end, but you can handle it and you WILL survive and will hopefully find yourself in a happier, stronger position. Nobody can ignore sad or angry feeling but try to keep in mind that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and embrace acceptance. Rather than fighting against yourself or beating yourself up about it, allow yourself to take a mental break and Let It Be. It’s ok and normal to be angry and sad. Allow yourself to go through the emotions and progress to the point of healing, and peace of mind will come.



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