Why Should I Hired A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is an expert that has either worked for an insurance company or has apprenticed with a licensed public adjuster. A public adjuster is an insurance claims specialist who will dig through your policy, asses the damages to your property, draft and estimate using insurance standards for the costs of repair and will negotiate with the insurance company to resolve the claim for the maximum benefits for the policyholder.

A way to understand how valuable a public adjuster is, is by looking at a divorce proceeding. A divorce attorney cannot represent both parties in a dissolution of marriage as there is a conflict of interest. Likewise, an insurance adjuster cannot fairly advocate for the insurance company and policyholder. Additionally, your insurance company has adjusters backed by teams of legal experts, whose marching orders, unfortunately, are to minimize your claim, or issue a denial.

There are many reasons to hire an independent adjuster, here are our top three reasons why!

#1) Maximizing your claim

Public Adjusters are well versed when it comes to interpreting insurance policies, finding additional coverage the policyholder may have overlooked, assessing damages and repair costs. Not only do they work for the insured, but they are usually experienced and well versed in negotiating an insurance company.

#2 There Is No Risk In Hiring A Public Adjuster.

Homeowners are usually surprised or against paying for a professional to assist with the claim. Many public adjusters who assist claimants are paid on a contingency fee basis only, meaning, the insured is not paying an hourly rate for the services or having to pay any money for the services to begin. A public adjuster will only get paid (usually a small percentage) when he/she receives a claim payment from the insurance company.

#3 The Stress of Dealing With the Claim Process.

When your property sustains damage, it is often a stressful and trying time. These difficulties are only compounded when a claim is not properly handled and the insurance company is not looking out for the best interest of the policyholder. Because dealing with an insurance claim is a stressful time, many policyholders hire help with their claims to limit the emotional burdens.

Hiring a public adjuster doesn’t automatically mean your claim will be maximized. At Pazos Law Group, we work with public adjusters assisting their clients in fighting the insurance companies. Just like public adjusters, we do not get paid unless we win or settle your case. Once the claim is settled or we win at trial, our attorney fees are covered by the insurance company. There are no upfront fees or out of pocket money in hiring our law firm. Your insurance company has their legal team, you should too.



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