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    Divorce involves humans with all of our complexities and emotions. The divorce legal process, on the other hand, seems anything but human at times. This deficiency created the need for a better legal process to help families facing divorce. Collaborative divorce is a human-centered process that, much like most positive advancements in society, in hindsight, just seems like common sense. Why was ...
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  • Divorce: Was it the Right Decision?

    As someone who speaks to people daily that are contemplating divorce, I found myself very curious about whether studies have been done about whether people who have chosen to divorce are happy with the decision or not. Afterall, people usually question themselves for months or years before reaching a decision about divorce. So, once the decision has been made to divorce, do most people end up ...
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  • Should You Date During a Divorce?

    For some, experiencing a divorce can feel like a liberating process. After leaving the confines of a stifling or difficult marriage, sometimes people want to focus on starting a new life for themselves. Some take up a new hobby, others spend more time with their kids, and still others decide to try to get back on that dating horse. Dating, however, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While you may not ...
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  • Why Avoid Social Media During a Divorce?

    You probably use at least one social media site like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as part of your daily life. But you should keep it on the down-low when you are going through a divorce. What may seem like harmless posts can quickly be misconstrued and used as evidence against you. If you are going through a divorce, you are also probably dealing with the heavy issues that come along with it ...
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  • The Best Divorce Advice Ever

    Please CLICK HERE to see the best divorce advice we have ever heard, inspired by The Beatles . It’s very difficult to accept a change like divorce. Rather than being able to look towards the future, it’s more natural for most to look back and wonder what went wrong and what could have gone better. Sometimes this focus on the past causes more conflict during a divorce, both internally and between ...
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  • Want to Keep Your Family Life Private During Divorce? Collaborate!

    Did you know that when you file for divorce in Court, most of the information you file becomes public? During courtroom hearings, you might also be surprised to find strangers sitting in the back of the room, listening in, taking notes – and this is permitted. For celebrities , high profile individuals, couples with high net worth , or people with any private information that they do not want to ...
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  • January Is the Most Popular Month to Divorce

    With the holiday season behind us and the New Year in full swing, many family law firms throughout the state of Florida and the rest of the nation are now dealing with a massive influx in the number of couples filing for divorce. January has historically been known to be one of the most popular times of year for couples to call it quits, and as such, has been nicknamed “Divorce Month” in various ...
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  • How do you pay for a divorce you need but cannot necessarily afford?

    Let’s face it, divorces are not cheap. According to a survey by Avvo back in 2013, the average divorce cost $15,000. That’s like paying for an inexpensive car, only doing so in the midst of excessive stress, anger, heartache, and possible resentment towards your ex, as well as concern for any children that may be involved. In that same survey, Avvo also found that over half of all people cited ...
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  • Does Having Children Impact Your Risk of Divorce?

    If you thought that disagreements about finances, work-family balance, sex, and in-laws were the greatest threats to your marriage, you might want to think again. According to research, a couple’s risk of divorce may actually be more dependent on the age at which they choose to get married and have children – with couples who wait typically having a better chance of staying married. According to ...
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  • 5 Ways to Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

    It is finally over. After months of stress and emotional anguish, you have at last signed your divorce papers and your marriage is officially dissolved. While everyone’s story leading up to their divorce will be different, once all is said and done, everyone faces the same question: What happens now? Additionally, where do you begin to rebuild your life and reinvent yourself as a newly single ...
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  • Can Choosing the Right Spouse Boost Your Earning Potential?

    Choosing the right spouse can impact your life in a seemingly endless variety of ways, including where you live, where you work, how many children you have, and more. But did you know that who you choose to marry may also greatly influence your future income? The correlation between relationships and wealth has been observed for nearly a century, with nearly every study pointing towards healthy ...
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  • The Psychological Effects of Divorce

    It is no secret that divorce is a stressful experience. While many are aware of the immediate financial and emotional effects that can come from the dissolution of a marriage, the long term psychological effects of divorce on both parents and children tend to be far less apparent. Though the effects of divorce will manifest themselves differently from person to person, some psychological symptoms ...
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  • How Will Legalizing Marijuana Affect Divorce?

    With marijuana legalization having passed yesterday in at least 7 more states, including Florida, America is on the cusp of a new era, much like the ending of alcohol prohibition, but with the added health benefits of marijuana that alcohol lacks. While these new laws will no doubt have a tremendous impact by freeing individuals from many of the criminal consequences of using, growing, and ...
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  • The Florida Divorce Timeline

    Divorce can be one of the most emotional and stressful experiences of a person’s life. As such, many divorcing spouses wish to complete the process and get back to their lives as quickly as possible. Since Florida family courts and related divorce statutes strictly govern the divorce process, every divorce must go through a series of well-defined, predictable steps. Generally speaking, the length ...
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  • The Top 10 Most Expensive Divorces in U.S. History

    Ever wonder how expensive high profile divorces and divorce settlements can get? Stop wondering and check it out: The 10 most expensive divorces in U.S history according to Reuters, CNBC, and Forbes: Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng ($1.8 billion) : The largest divorce in American history was in 2013 between Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his 3 rd wife Wendi Deng (whom he married 17 days after his ...
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  • Brad Pitt Handed Divorce Papers by Wife, Angelina Jolie

    All things, good or bad, great or small, must come to an end. Hollywood seems to be a constant reminder of this universal truth as “perfect power couples” are formed every year, and just as many call it quits. In the most recent news, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – popularly coined as Brangelina – are ending their marriage. Angelina reportedly surprised Brad with divorce papers only 24 hours ...
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  • Number 1 Reason for Divorce

    We’ve all heard the statistics. About 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Ever wonder why? When someone says why he or she got divorced, the answer varies. For some, it’s sexual incompatibility. For some it’s adultery. For many, financial problems caused the breakdown. Those all seem like legit factors that would kill a marriage. Interestingly, studies show that they aren’t the cause, but are ...
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  • Baby Mama Drama?

    You’re a great dad, right? You and the mom were never married but you’ve both been caring, present parents since your baby was born. You have the same parenting rights as the mom, right? Wrong. You want to see your child often? You want to be a permanent part of your child’s life? What Exactly Are Your Rights? This may come as a surprise to you but if you have a baby and aren’t married to the ...
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  • What's The One Thing Everyone Needs To Be Happy? 75-Year Harvard Study Finds The Answer

    The Harvard Grant Study, followed 268 Harvard students for 75 years, collecting data on their lives. What is impressive is that the conclusions about happiness were the same for all participants. The answer to happiness seems simple, but it’s scientifically true: healthy relationships are the key to a happy and fulfilling life. The study’s most important finding is that the only thing that matters ...
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  • Red Nose Day at Pazos Family Law

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  • How Long Will Your Divorce Take & How Much Will It Cost?

    When you’re wrapping your head around divorce, you want to know how long it’s going to take and how much it’s going to cost. These are the two most basic questions you ask before starting almost any process. I mean, would you agree to hire someone to re-do your bathroom without knowing how long it will take and how much it will cost? And that’s just your bathroom. This is your life. So, why is it ...
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  • Top Ten Divorce Mistakes

    1. HIRING THE “AGGRESSIVE” DIVORCE ATTORNEY When I see divorce lawyers advertising themselves as “AGGRESSIVE” I don’t just throw up in my mouth a little, I get mad. It makes me feel ashamed as a lawyer. It’s not only against the Rules of Ethics, it’s against our rules of being human. When you see advertised “Aggressive Divorce”… run the other way. FAST. Leave aggression to personal injury. Divorce ...
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  • A Calmer Divorce so You Can Focus on the Rest of Your Life

    Welcome to: DIVORCE. CALMER. Here, we will help you get through divorce so you can focus on the rest of your life. I'm a human being that has been through it myself. I know your pain. I know the process. I also happen to be a divorce lawyer. Divorce Yo! I can help you avoid letting it define the rest of your life. It gets better. Much better.
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